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Tuberculosis Treatment in Waterloo

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Curex provide tb specialist doctor in Waterloo. We offer tuberculosis treatment in Waterloo. Curex It has provide unparalleled patient care and hospital experience in Waterloo for tuberculosis tb treatment. It has top-notch tb treatment doctor in Waterloo and cutting- edge technology under one roof, thus ensuring quality treatment to patients. We offer affordable cost of TB treatment.

  • Experienced team- We have highly skilled and specialists with experience.
  • Clinical Excellence- We have proven experience in handling even the most complicated cases accurately and precisely.
  • State-of-the-art technology- We have the latest technologies for diagnosing and treating cases with unconventional methods.
  • Personalised care- we provide quality treatment to each patient as per the individual requirement to ensure personalised care.
  • Stringent infection control- We follow strict protocols for infection control to prevent complications.

Tuberculosis Treatment Doctor in Waterloo

Curex offer tuberculosis treatment in Waterloo. We subsequently completed his advance critical care training &cleared DO, CCFP, DABFM.

TB Testing in Waterloo

Tuberculosis (TB) is a curable, infectious disease which usually effects the lungs (pulmonary TB). However tuberculosis bacteria can travel through the blood to infect other parts of the body (non-pulmonary TB).Typically, pulmonary TB is infectious but non-pulmonary TB is not infectious. In order to become infected with TB a person requires prolonged, close contact with someone who has TB in their lungs and is coughing or sneezing the bacteria into the air.

A tuberculosis testing is used to screen for tuberculosis. A TB skin test indicates if you have been exposed to TB (if the germ is in your body). It cannot tell if you have active or inactive TB. If the skin test shows that the TB germ is in your body, more testing will be done to determine if you have active TB disease. We offer TB testing in Waterloo.

Active and Inactive Tuberculosis

Inactive or latent TB occurs when a person becomes infected but the body’s immune system is able to prevent the bacteria from making you sick.

Active TB disease occurs when the body’s immune system is unable to stop the growth and spread of the bacteria resulting in illness.

Both inactive and active TB are treatable and curable.