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Infectious Disease Specialist in Waterloo

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Curex is one of the infectious disease treatment hospitals in Waterloo. We provide unparalleled patient care and hospital experience in Waterloo for infectious disease treatment. We have top-notch specialists and cutting- edge technology under one roof, thus ensuring quality treatment to patients. We provide infectious disease specialist in Waterloo.

The department of infectious diseases focuses on management of infectious diseases which occur due to weak immune system of a person, wherein the immune system is unable to fight against the pathogens entering the body.

The department is expert in managing various infectious diseases with superlative quality services and ensuring complete patient safety. Some of the infectious diseases which the team mainly handles include tropical infections, tuberculosis, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, fevers of unknown origin, organ transplant related infections and hospital acquired infections and invasive fungal infections.

The highly experienced team provides expert consultation and education to the patient and its family members about the prevention and proper management of the problem. The skilled approach of the team also ensures the treatment options available for complicated, rare and difficult-to-treat infectious diseases. The department continues to excel in research, clinical care and education.

infectious disease specialist in Waterloo

What are Infectious Diseases?

Infectious diseases have always competed with humanity to stay one hand up. Infectious diseases are caused by various microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites, which are directly or indirectly transmitted to humans. The impact of infections can be on a whole human race and is well evident in history. Examples include HIV AIDS pandemic in the 1980s’ H1N1 epidemic 2009, Ebola in West Africa in 2015, and Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala in April 2018.

Despite the success made through in last two centuries in strengthening the armamentarium against various infectious agents, the infectious diseases still rank among top 10 causes of death worldwide. Antibiotic resistance, changing human demographics and behaviour, International travel and commerce, improper public health measures are prime reasons for emerging and reemerging of infectious diseases. Additionally use of immune supressing medicines for transplant recipients, and patients suffering from cancer, pose an important risk for developing rare infections.

Why choose an Infectious Diseases Specialist?

Infectious diseases specialists are extensively trained in diagnosing and managing wide variety of infectious cases.

They have detailed knowledge of common as well as rare infectious diseases, knowledge on antibiotic resistance, antibiotic side effects and are capable to make the most optimum antibiotic/antimicrobial choice for an individual patient.