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A general physician is a general practitioner who is specialized in diagnosing, evaluating and treating wide range of acute and chronic illnesses. A general physician provides preventive care and health education and awareness to patients of any age and gender. There are various health conditions which require immediate treatment such as fever, diarrhea, cold, cough, vomiting, high blood pressure, flu shot, general consultation, cardiovascular screening.

The most challenging part of the process is getting the proper treatment. For patients, the only way to find a good doctor is to try and talk to someone that has gone through the same problem. This can be time-consuming and often leaves patients in incompetent care.

General Physician Doctor in Waterloo


Our general physicians are trained to carry out various medical procedures for the diagnosis and management of acute and severe diseases. Treatments provided by our general physicians at Curex include the following:

  • Fever, Dengue, Chikungunya etc.
  • Infections
  • Respiratory diseases including asthma, lung infections, and allergies
  • Diabetes, Thyroid, High Cholesterol
  • Blood Pressure & Hypertension
  • Anaemia, Diarrhoea, Jaundice
  • Vitamin & nutrient deficiencies
  • Weakness, fatigue
  • ENT problems
  • Skin problems
  • Suturing & wound healing
  • Gastric health

Comprehensive and personalized primary health care is provided to all by our team of general physicians at Curex . Qualified nurses and a fully equipped medical treatment room further support our doctors. The treatment process is speeded up further as diagnostic services and pharmacy are available under the same roof.

A General Physician does not specialize in one particular area of medicine. A general care physician provides routine care like immunizations and physical examinations and assesses and treats many different illnesses and conditions of the patient.

At Curex we have we have among the general physician in Waterloo who are highly skilled and expert in diagnosing a host of different medical conditions. Our General Physicians rely on a wide variety of diagnostic scans and tests to arrive at the particular problem that is disturbing the patient.

Our state of the art technology and equipment allows for the early detection of diseases, and we have a wide variety of specialists who can take up the case post diagnosis. Our team of general physicians is highly experienced and this experience stands them in good stead when they go ahead and diagnose different


Q1. What is a General Physician?

A General Physician is a medical doctor who is trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of health conditions that affect the human body. They are also known as Primary Care Physicians or Family Doctors

Q2. What services do General Physicians provide?

General Physicians provide a range of medical services, including preventive care, routine check-ups, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, and management of chronic health conditions. Top general physicians also gives referrals to specialists, as needed.

Q3. How can I find a General Physician in Waterloo?

You can find a general physician in Waterloo by searching online directories or using search engines to look for general physicians in your area. You can book your online appointment at Curex to get consultation from General Physician.

Q4. What should I expect during a visit to a General Physician?

During a visit to a General Physician, you can expect to undergo a physical examination, provide a detailed medical history, and discuss any health concerns or symptoms you may be experiencing. Your General Physician may also order tests or recommend further evaluation by a specialist if necessary.

Q5. How often should I see a General Physician?

It is generally recommended that you see a General Physician at least once a year for a routine check-up, even if you are not experiencing any health problems. You may need to go to a General Physician clinic more frequently if you have chronic health conditions or if you are experiencing any symptoms or health concerns.

Q6. What are some common health conditions that General Physicians treat?

General Physicians are trained to treat a wide range of health conditions and illnesses, including colds and flu, infections, allergies, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, injuries and seasonal diseases also.